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I am Bhupesh Varshney, 21 year old Student Developer, 3rd year Computer Science (BCA) student living in New Delhi, India. I code in Python, Go, C++, Bash & JavaScript.
I make Memes, Web, Tools and Open-Source & frequently write about tech on freeCodeCamp, OpenGenus & iC0DE Magazine, you can find more of my content on DEV (more than 45k views)

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Yep, That's me ;)


I am availabe as an API too 😜,

Bhupesh's API

👷 Projects

Some of my significant projects & tools include

  • 30 Seconds of C++ A collection of STL (Standard Template Library) features of C++ which can be learned in 30 seconds or less.
  • tutorialdb tutorialdb is a small scale search engine for programming/dev tutorials, it is meant to help anyone who is getting started to learn a new technology
  • defe A Tech feed Aggregator for Developers & Tech Enthusiasts
  • CodeRunner A judge for your programs, run and test your programs through Python
  • dotman dotman is a simple, elegant & easy to use dotfiles manager 🖖🏽


I log whatever new I learn, Go to bhupesh.codes/til to see some of it.


I use twitter mostly to rant about tech, share memes & learn what other are doing. I am on LinkedIn. You can also find me on DEV

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